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Meghdoot Apk

Farmers and ordinary people can now sit at home and get five days' worth of rainfall. Yes, farmers can get rain information five days in advance with the help of Meghdoot App. Crop sowing, harvesting and other agricultural activities

Kharif Farmer Crop 2022-23 (Apk)

The Department of Agriculture is currently running the Monsoon Crop Survey and a mobile app has been developed for farmers to carry out crop surveys. Farmers can download the Kharif Farmer Crop Survey 2022 - 23 AIP from Google Playstore

Dishaank app

Under its mega land record digitization program, the Karnataka government launched the app in March 2018 to provide key details of land and property through an app called Dishank. The primary objective of the state to launch this

e-Sarvajanika Granthalaya Apk

The state's libraries have been hit by the Corona lockdown. But the public library department has developed the software to make the library book readable on the mobile, so that readers don't shy away from the culture of reading.

mParivahan Apk

When driving, you must keep a driving license and all vehicle related documents. Often we forget to carry a driving license or other vehicle related document with the vehicle. In this case, the traffic police are likely to inspect and

UMANG Apk Download

UMANG App: This is a very useful government app. It is useful to sit at home and avail of many government services. UMANG App: This is a very useful government app. It is useful to sit at home and avail of many government services. .

Shikshakamitra Apk

Karnataka teacher Mitra Aap has been released by the state government to help teachers maintain their records online and reduce their workload. The AAP was founded by former CM B. S. Released by Yeddyurappa. What you need to do after

DigiLocker app

DigiLocker has launched a cloud-based application for the public to keep digital documents such as driving license, Aadhaar card, PAN card, car registration certificate, educational certificates, birth certificate etc. This freed people

Mera Ration apk

The central government has introduced a new app for ration card users in the country. The central government has already launched an initiative to promote the 'One Nation-One Ration Card' system and has launched a mobile app called 'Mera

Jeevan Pramaan Life Certificate Apk

Digital Life Certificate According to the Jeevan Praman website, “Jeevan Praman uses the Aadhaar platform for biometric authentication of pensioners. Step-by-step information to register on Jeevan Praman App: Step 1: Open Jeevan