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Pashu Kisan Credit card

A farmer can get a loan to buy a cow, buffalo, goat, sheep, pig, and poultry through a Pasi Kisan credit card. With this card, farmers can get a loan for animal husbandry without any guarantee. A farmer can get a loan to buy a cow,

Solar Rooftop Yojana

Under the central government's solar project, a solar panel will be installed on the roof of the house. 40 per cent subsidy. The Rooftop Solar Scheme (solar rooftop scheme) is the best solution when power rates are increasing day by day.

Canara Bank Home Loan

Home loan is the loan that any person takes to make his or her dream come true. Canara Bank, like other banks, offers customers a home loan facility. Any person can buy a home or flat, take out a home loan to repair / renovate a house

LIC Adharshila scheme

Indian Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) has a number of insurance schemes based on age and income, from children to the elderly. LIC policies are the most popular choice for people to invest in after banking and post office savings schemes

Rashtriya Vayoshri Yojana

The central government is implementing a national agenda for the elderly who are economically weak. This way they will be able to afford common auxiliary equipment such as wheelchairs. If you are seeking assistance under the National

Arivu Education Loan

The State Minority Development Corporation has already started accepting applications for the Awareness Education Loan Scheme through its official website. Here's information on key qualifications, and how much credit is owed. ARIVU