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Look at the picture and answer: Can you identify which other number is hidden in the middle of 208 in just ten seconds?

Some people just don’t like numbers. There are many people who think that mathematics is ironclad with calculations. Some of them like calculations that give brain fodder. Today we have brought you a small challenge to test how sharp your brain is and how sensitive your eyes are.

There is no calculation here. There is no need to grab a pen and a book and find the answer to the problem. Just look at the picture we have given here and answer a simple question related to it.

Looking at photos with numbers and answering the questions will give your mind and brain a good workout. As much as the head is used for such challenges, the brain can be kept sharper. Here is a simple challenge to increase your intelligence too.

Today’s challenge is interesting. In the picture here, the number 208 is visible wherever your eyes look. You can tell that this same number is all over the photo. But here is a twist. Between these numbers, i.e. 208, there is also 280 on one hand. That’s the challenge you have. You have to find that 280. It doesn’t need a pen or book. Just give your eyes a job. You have to answer this simple question within 10 seconds. Your time starts now.

Your challenge is to find the hidden number 280 in the group of 208. You can say that there is no such number here. But, surely there is. This competition is a solo competition. You are a competitor. So try to find the answer without deceiving yourself.

You tell us the answer

If the answer still doesn’t shine, we suggest a strategy. Divide the image into parts. Initially look from top to bottom, if not then from left to right. Divide the picture into four parts and look at each part. If you still don’t get it, we will tell you to come.

The number 280 is in the fourth line of the image.

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