Lost your Voter ID? What should you do to get duplicate voter ID card quickly?

Election is coming nearer…. Polling dates have also been announced. What else will you be excited to vote for? But, when the voting date is near, when you see where your voter card is, let’s assume that your voter card is lost. No matter how much you search, you will not find it. Then see what you should do. Generally, in such cases it is possible to apply for a duplicate card and get it. But, the question arises whether there is time for that. In this regard, Shivanna, who is serving in Bangalore, was contacted and gave some information. Here is a brief summary of it.

Lok Sabha election dates announced. A in Karnataka. Voting will be held on 26th and 7th May. However, if your voter ID is lost, you do not have to stay away from voting. Because, you can get your Voter ID replacement card from the Election Commission. Here is the information required for it.To apply You have until the 31st!

There is still time to apply for duplicate voter ID. Ma. Application can be submitted till 31st. For that, there is no need to file a complaint with the police and bring the receipt for the lost voter ID card. Download Form No. 6 from the official website of the Election Commission, fill it, attach the necessary documents ( and submit it to your Zonal Returning Officer.

What documents are required?

Copy of birth certificate, Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Driving Licence, CBSE, ICSE with date of birth, Class 10th or 12th mark sheet issued by State Board of Education, Indian Passport etc. can be submitted for records in the application.

Can voter information be obtained?

If you have already got Voter ID, Voter ID information of your name will be there. It can be obtained under ‘Search My Name in Voter Card’ on the official website of Karnataka Election Commission. After clicking on this link the Search My Name in Voter Card section will open.

If you enter your name, father’s or husband’s name, date of birth, your Lok Sabha constituency, your assembly constituency and correctly enter the captcha below, the details page of your voter ID card will open. But, it will not contain your photo. Applicants for replacement voter ID are allowed to submit this as supplementary information along with their application.

How many days will it take to get your Voter ID after applying?

After submitting your application, your application will be scrutinized by the officials of the concerned department. Officials or Voter Card Department staff may visit the address you have submitted in your application. They will verify your address, original copies of documents submitted by you, your identity. You will get your ID card within a few days after they leave.

Can I vote if I download e-epic card?

There is an option to download e-Voter Identity Card (E-EPIC) card on the Karnataka election website. For that, visit, create an account there using your name, email id, then enter name, phone number, password to create login credentials. After that, you can download e-epic card using login credentials using them. But, according to officials, voting should not be done using it. We need voter ID cards which are issued in the form of cards.

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