Namo Drone Didi Scheme 2024

The central government has introduced many schemes in the country to benefit the common people, especially the farmers who are the backbone of the country by implementing many schemes and providing them with the necessary facilities.

New Scheme for Women Farmers:
As we all know that usually most of the people who are involved in agriculture are men.

But we can see that there are also many girls who are doing agriculture as the backbone of men. Yes, the number of women who do agriculture may be less compared to men, but the central government has introduced a new plan to achieve the empowerment of women who do agriculture by saying that agriculture has been nurtured by a lot of women.

In this article you can know the complete information about what kind of scheme is implemented by the center and how to get the benefit of this scheme.

Namo Drone Didi Project:
The central government has introduced this scheme to give more encouragement to women farmers and to develop the agricultural sector adequately. Women can avail up to fifteen thousand rupees under this scheme.

Apart from this, free training is also provided through this scheme to create more awareness and interest in agriculture among women.

Benefits of the scheme:
Farmer women are trained under this scheme for 15 days where women can learn in detail how to operate a drone. Along with 15 days of training, the government will also give Rs 15,000 to the women so that they can easily buy a drone.

Documents required to apply:
To avail the benefits of this scheme implemented for farming women, women can apply for this scheme by having some important documents.

Aadhaar card.
PAN card.
Residence certificate.
Pass book.
Passport size photo.
Identity Card if in Self Help Group.
Thus, by having some important documents, you can apply for this scheme of the central government and get free training and 15000 money along with it.

How to Apply:
If women need to submit an application for this scheme of the central government, they can visit the official website of the central government and submit the application for this scheme online with the necessary documents.

Overall, the central government has implemented this scheme with the intention of providing sufficient benefits to the women involved in agriculture and in order to further promote the desire to farm among them and also to develop the agricultural sector, women can take full advantage of this scheme and do their farming activities easily.

So, by sharing the information to the farming women you know, let them know that they can buy a drone through this scheme of the central government and do farming activities in an easy way.

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