PM Surya Ghar: Muft Bijli Yojana

The central government has announced a new scheme for the people of the country to get free electricity by installing solar units on their homes. For this, PM Surya Ghar: The central government has implemented the Mufta Bijli scheme, which will provide subsidy ranging from 30,000 rupees to 78,000 rupees. Here are the details on how to apply for it.

The central government has announced a new scheme called PM Surya Ghar : Muft Bijli Yojna. This is the Suryodaya scheme announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi a few days ago. This is a rooftop solar power project that will provide free electricity to around one crore homes.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given information about this in his X account and said that PM Surya Ghar: Muft Bijli scheme has been implemented to increase sustainable development and increase the welfare of people. People can install solar panels on their homes and generate electricity.

One crore families will benefit from the project!
This initiative has an investment of more than 75 thousand crore rupees and around 1 crore families will benefit from this scheme. The beneficiary families of this scheme will get 300 units of free electricity per month.

The central government has designed this scheme so as not to put any financial burden on the people and has proposed to provide subsidy directly to the bank account of the people and also has proposed to provide consolidated bank loan at high discount. Centralizing all stakeholders on a unified national online portal will benefit the people.

To promote the scheme widely, urban local bodies and panchayats will be encouraged to install rooftop solar power units in their areas. In addition, the project aims to increase income, reduce electricity bills and create employment opportunities.

How much will the subsidy be?

The central government is providing three types of subsidy under this scheme.

A 1 to 2 kilowatt unit is required for households consuming up to 150 units of electricity. For that, you will get a subsidy of Rs 30 thousand to Rs 60 thousand.
A 2 to 3 kilowatt unit is required for houses consuming 150 to 300 units of electricity. For that, you will get a subsidy of Rs 60 thousand to Rs 78 thousand.
Households consuming more than 300 units of electricity require more than 3 kilowatt units. 78 thousand for that. Subsidy will be available.

How to apply online?

Step – 1 :

Enter the following points
Select your state
Select your electricity supply company
Enter your electricity customer number
Enter your mobile number
Enter your email
Then proceed as mentioned in the portal.

Step – 2 :

Enter your electricity bill customer number and mobile number
Then fill the solar rooftop form and apply

Step – 3 :
Wait for your application to be approved by your Eskom. After approval, registered vendors approved by Eskom will install the solar.

Step – 4:
Once the solar rooftop is installed, submit your unit details and apply for a net meter.

Step – 5:
Commissioning certificate will be generated on the portal after net meter installation and verification by your nearest Eskom.

Step – 6:
Once you get the commissioning certificate, upload the bank account details and canceled check on the portal. The subsidy money will be credited to your bank account within 30 days.

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