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10 lakh compensation for passengers killed in KSRTC bus accident Official order announced

In case of an accident involving the vehicles of the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation and the death of the passengers traveling in the corporation’s vehicles, the dependents of the deceased passengers are being given a compensation of Rs.1,00,000/-(Rs. Three Lakh only) by the Passenger Accident Relief Fund Trust.

Meanwhile, the present compensation amount is being paid on date:01.03.2017 and there will be no increase in the compensation amount thereafter. In this background, in the 29th Accident Relief Fund meeting held on 31.10.2023, the meeting discussed to increase the compensation amount from Rs.1,00,000/-(Rs.Three Lakhs only) to Rs.10,00,000/-(Rs.Ten Lakhs only). approved.

Out of the revised compensation amount of Rs.10,00,000/- (Rs. Ten Lakh Only) as immediate compensation Rs.25,000/- (Rs. Twenty Five Thousand Only) Circular No: 754 dated: 08.12. 1998 by the concerned Divisional Controlling Officers, and thereafter, refund Rs.25,000/- (Rs.Twenty Five Thousand Only) to the concerned Departments from Apani Trust, the outstanding amount of Rs.9,75,000/-(Rs.Ninety Lakhs Seventy Five Thousand Only) Reference | Paying to the heirs of the deceased as per the circular of Rs.10.00 lakh (Rs. and lakhs only) the compensation to the family of the deceased has been increased in view of the fact that over time the total expenditure of the Accident Relief Fund will exceed the total income, the meeting also approved to increase the collection of collection as under and take action accordingly, the above circular dated: 01.01 .2014 will come into force.

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