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Poultry farm Madori will get 25 lakhs from the government! Apply

Poultry Farming : Nowadays everyone has studied at least till graduation. But many people don’t know what to do next after graduation.

Some join government jobs while others join private companies. But it is better to start self-employment after graduation. Because then your age will be small. So you can become financially strong early in life.

Others get bored with employment in private companies and turn to self-employment. Thus Poultry Farming is a profitable occupation for self-employed.

Govt to provide Rs 25 lakh for poultry farming:
The government will give a loan of 50% subsidy to the poultry farmers under the livestock campaign. Apart from this, loans are also available from NABARD for poultry farming. If you want to raise poultry on a large scale, you will get a loan of 50% subsidy if you apply under the Livestock Mission.

The government will give you a maximum of Rs. 25 lakhs in subsidy of 50% to reduce the cost of poultry farming. You too can take advantage of this scheme and start chicken farming and earn profit. You can also apply for this scheme online.

How to Apply:
First visit the official website of Cattle Mission. Then fill the required information and submit the application.

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