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Gas cylinder subsidy money has been credited to the customer’s account! How to check?

Gas Cylinder Subsidy Amount : Today almost everyone uses gas cylinder (LPG gas cylinder) in their house. It is not difficult for girls to light the stove and cook as before.

The common man also faced a lot of problems when the price of gas cylinder was high due to inflation. Now getting a subsidy of Rs 200 from the government. So it is now possible to buy a gas cylinder for around 900.

This is the subsidy under Ujwala Yojana! (Pradhanmantri Ujjwala Yojana)
In India, cooking should be done by gas cylinder in everyone’s home. It can be said that the government is giving free gas cylinder connection to women because they have more time apart from cooking and they should use it to lead their independent life.

Many women are getting free gas connection today under the Ujjwala 2.0 scheme. Apart from this, a subsidy of 100 rupees is also given. It has been informed that the full amount should be paid while purchasing the gas cylinder and then the subsidy money will be deposited in the beneficiary’s bank account.

How do you check whether subsidy money has come or gone? (How to check subsidy status)
It has also been informed that the subsidy money of the last month was deposited in the account of some and the account of some was not deposited, but the pending money may be released by the government in the near future.

So click on this link to know whether money has been credited to your account or not. Now the names of three gas companies Bharat, HP, Indian will be shown in front of you.

You click on the box of the company from which you have taken gas connection. Now directly the website of the same company will open. Here you can also know whether money has been deposited or withdrawn in your account by entering the gas connection ID.

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