PSI Exam Dress Code

Dress code for Police Sub-Inspector Post-2024 (PSI-2024) examination to be held on 23-01-2024 has been published and guidelines have been issued by Examination Authority.

Dress Code for Male Candidates:

• Male candidates should ensure to wear half sleeved shirts as full sleeved shirts are not allowed on the day of examination.

Preferring to wear collarless shirts whenever possible.

• Trousers and plain trousers (without pockets / with deficit pockets) is the preferred dress code for male candidates. Kurta Pajama, jeans pants are not allowed.

• Clothing worn by male candidates should be light i.e. no zip pockets, pockets, large buttons and elaborate embroidery.Shoes are strictly prohibited inside the examination hall. Candidates should wear sandals or thin-soled sandals.

Candidates are prohibited from wearing any metal ornaments around the neck or wearing earrings, rings and bracelets.

Dress code for women candidates

• Female candidates are prohibited from wearing clothes with elaborate embroidery, flowers, brogues or buttons.

• Full sleeved clothes / jeans should not be worn on the day of examination, instead half sleeved clothes are directed to avoid embarrassment and as per the rule mentioned by us.

High heeled shoes/sandals and shoes/sandals with thick soles should not be worn, thin soles should be worn.

. Women candidates are prohibited from wearing any kind of metal jewellery. (Except Mangalsutra and Kalungura).

List of Prohibited Items

• Besides following the dress code, candidates should ensure that they do not carry any prohibited items to the examination center listed below.

• Electronic devices, mobile phones, pen drives, ear phones, microphones, blue tooth devices and wrist watches are not allowed inside the examination room.

• Bringing and eating edibles inside the exam room is prohibited, even drinking water bottle is not allowed.

• Provision of drinking water will be made in the examination center itself.

Pencil, paper, eraser, geometry boxes and log tables cannot be brought inside the examination centre.

• Do not wear cap/ HAT on the head.

• No mask of any kind is allowed. Only the following items are allowed to be brought on the day of examination.

• Compulsory bringing of admit card by all candidates.

• It is mandatory to bring a valid photo identity card issued by the government.

• Candidates are not allowed to leave the examination hall till the last bell of the examination. The executive director of the examination authority has issued a circular stating that the candidates must comply with the above mentioned KEA rules, failing which action will be taken against the candidates as per the rules.

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