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 Dishank Apk

Farmers can measure the size of their land on their mobile phone.  Yes, it can be measured according to some information given here without anyone’s help.

 Chain, rope and stick were used to measure land in earlier times.  Or after applying to the Land Revenue Department to measure the land, the officials come to the farmer’s land and conduct a survey.  For this the farmers have to wait for the officials.  A fee is also payable for this.  Today’s technology is so advanced that one can avail all the facilities on their smart phone while sitting.

What is Dishank app

 The Revenue Department has developed Dishank app for farmers to measure their land.  Farmers can measure their land with the help of this Dishank app.  This Dishank App was developed by the Revenue Department on the basis of 1960 survey maps.

 What are the benefits of measuring land for farmers?

 By measuring the land, the farmers can get information about the neighboring areas of their land, the area expansion of kerekuntes, encroachment of their land by neighbors.  If the neighboring land of the farmer’s land is Kere Katte, Hallakolla, Kharabu land, the farmer can get it with the help of Dishank app.

How to measure land?  (How to measure land)

 Farmers can use their mobile to measure land


 Click on the link.  The Agha Dishaank app will open.  There farmers have to click on install.  Then select Hello Dishank to access this device.  Then select the language.  After this GPS should be turned on.  Then the information about where you are standing will be displayed.  The point of the location at which survey number you are standing will appear.  When you click on it, the survey number will appear.  After this the farmer has to click on more details.  Then another page will open. There you have to click on owner details. Then you will see who are the owners of that land and the names of neighboring land owners.

 If you see the point where you are standing then click on find survey number another page will open.  There you will see the point of your standing where you have entered your district, taluk, hobli, village, survey number.  Then you will see if there is a road adjacent to your land.

 Click on the measuring tools that appear there, select the line and click on the direction from which you want to measure the survey number.  Then four sources of land should be selected.  There are options for plot measurement types, meters, feet, etc.  If you select the one you want to measure by, the circumference of the land will be displayed.

Dishank App Information View Only – R.  Ashoka

 The information in Dishank App is for viewing only.  Revenue Minister R. said that the boundary and other information of survey numbers cannot be used for any legal purpose.  Ashoka said.  This app provides information to farmers.

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