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Karnataka Public Holidays 2024

Karnataka Public Holidays 2024

The Karnataka State Government has released the list of public holidays sanctioned for the year 2024.  This list of holidays is very important not only for the public but also for the attention of the government employees, which should be checked as follows.

All second Saturdays, fourth Saturdays and Sundays and the following days are holidays for state government employees.  Further, the state government has released a list of 15 limited holidays for government employees for the year 2024.

A list of 21 general holidays and 15 restricted holidays has been released.  Check them below.  The list of public holidays has been released separately as Notification 1, Notification 2 with some changes along with some instructions.  Here is the list of limited holidays as per Notification 1 and related Annexure.

Besides this, government offices across the state are closed on public holidays.  The government order said that the heads of the departments should make appropriate arrangements for disposing of the necessary work of the office.


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