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2 days to apply for new ration card and for correction, complete information is here

2 days to apply for new ration card and for correction, complete information is here

Hello everyone.  In today’s report, information is given about the resumption of ration card revision.  Yes, if you still have errors in your ration cards and have not corrected them, then again you can get a good news from the government.  Because, the government has again given an opportunity for ration card correction.  How many days will this opportunity last?, what day will it start?, complete information about where to make these corrections will be given to you through this article.

Ration card correction starts again from tomorrow:

A notification has already been issued by the Karnataka Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department that it can be used only for two days on November 29 and 30.  That too for two hours only.. If you need to add name of family member, remove deceased person, name correction, e-kyc etc. any correction in your ration card can be done from tomorrow.

Where and for how many days ration card correction is available:

Member’s name addition/deletion/correction, fair price shop address change in ration card and application for new priority ration card are allowed in Karnataka One and Village One on November 29 and 30 from 10 am to 12 noon.  Similarly, Kalaburagi Deputy Director of Food and Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department Mr. Shanta Gowda said that an opportunity has been provided to apply for the new priority ration card only on December 3 from 11 am to 2 pm in Karnataka One and Village One.  Gunaki said.  If you have already done the ration card correction, you can also check the status by sitting at home.  The procedure to check its status is as follows.

How to Check Status of Ration Card Amendment

Step 1: First go to the official website of the Government Food Department and click here:

 Step 2: Then click on the three lines, select E-Status, continue and click on amendment requests below.

Step 3: Then you will find district names from which select your district.

Step 4: Go ahead and select Ration Card Change Request Status

Step 5: Enter your ration card number or acknowledgment number there, then click on the go option that appears below.

Step 7: If after the above steps it says Awaiting Response from Food Inspector, it means correction is still pending.  If it shows Canceled by system it means that the application is rejected.
 If your application has been rejected then don’t worry, from today you have another chance where you can re-apply for amendment.  If the website does not open while checking the application status, try again later.  Also share this article with such good information to all your friends and relatives immediately, thanks.

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