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Application Invitation for Various Schemes-2023; Here is how to apply

Application Invitation for Various Schemes-2023;  Here is how to apply

Hello friends, what I am telling you in today’s article is that Dr.  Applications are invited for various projects by BR Ambedkar Corporation.  Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes can get adequate facilities through these schemes.  So in this article you will be informed about all the plans available from this company.

Dr.  BR Ambedkar Corporation:

 2023 in the 24th year for the economic development of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.  Applications are invited through Seva Sindhu Portal for various schemes under BR Ambedkar Development Corporation.  Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes can apply for these schemes on this portal and get full benefits.

 Self Employment Direct Loan Scheme:

 Subsidies are provided and loans are sanctioned for carrying out micro economic activities under Self Employed Direct Loan Scheme.  Under this scheme, the unit cost is one lakh rupees, subsidy of rupees 50,000 and loan facility of 50,000 at an interest rate of four percent.

 Entrepreneurship Development Scheme:

 Under the Entrepreneurship Development Scheme, credit facilities and subsidies are provided to business and other enterprises.  It will be a bank loan and 70% subsidy or maximum loan facility of Rs 2 lakh will be provided.

Swavalambi Sarathi Yojana:

 Under the Swavalambi Sarathi Yojana, 75 percent subsidy or loan facility up to a maximum of four lakh rupees is being provided for the purpose of purchasing a goods vehicle or taxi.

 Micro Credit Scheme:

 Women’s self-help groups are being provided credit and financial assistance for micro-economic activities through microcredit scheme in which Rs 1.50 lakh subsidy and four percent interest rate loan facility up to one lakh rupees is being provided.

 Land ownership Scheme:

 Under the land ownership scheme, landless women agricultural laborers are given loan facility to purchase land.  Under the scheme, 50 per cent subsidy and 50 per cent loan facility at six per cent interest rate will be provided to women agricultural workers.

 Ganga Kalyan Scheme:

 Under the Ganga Kalyan Yojana, small and very small farmers having 1.20 acres to 5 acres of land will be provided with irrigation facility by drilling borewells, installing pump sets, electrifying them.  3.75 lakh and upto 50,000 loans are given under this scheme.

How to Apply:

 For all the above schemes, the government has provided an opportunity to submit the application through the following website.

 Communities coming under the purview of the Corporation have been allowed to submit applications within 29 days in Karnataka and Gramavan centres.  Official website to apply Application can be submitted through this website.  Even applications received under the board of directors discretionary court of the corporation or the institutional court of the government have to be submitted through the Seva Sindhu Court and the applications submitted after the prescribed date will not be considered.

 Dr.  More information regarding this scheme can be obtained by contacting the office of the District Manager of BR Ambedkar Development Corporation or the Corporations website or the office of the District Manager on the second floor of Janata Bazar Building, GHS Road, Mangalore.  Thus, these schemes have been implemented for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, so that they can get the benefit of these schemes, thank you for sharing this information with all your friends and relatives.

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