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Yuva Nidhi Yojana 2023

Yuva Nidhi Yojana 2023


Congress is implementing these five schemes (Guarantee Schemes) after winning the state.  Out of the five schemes namely Griha Jyoti, Anna Bhagya, Shakti Yojana, Griha Lakshmi, Yuva Nidhi, four schemes have already been implemented.  For last guaranteed Yuva Nidhi (Karnataka Yuva Nidhi).  Muhurta fixed.  The project will start this coming December.  Complete details of Yuvanidi Scheme are given below.

Yuva Nidhi Yojana Big Update

 Minister Sharanprakash R Patil has informed that the Yuva Nidhi scheme was implemented in December.  Speaking to reporters, Minister Sharan Prakash R Patil said that preparations are being made to implement the Yuva Nidhi scheme in December, and it is estimated that the project will cost around 250 crores.

PM Vishwakarma yojana

Yuvanidhi Scheme Eligibility:

Applicant must be a permanent resident of Karnataka, graduate or diploma holder, applicant must have passed his/her degree or diploma in 2022-2023, unemployed for at least 6 months after the date of graduation or diploma.

How much money to whom?

– Rs 3,000 per month for unemployed graduates

– Rs.1,500 per month for Diploma pass holders

The government gives this amount after six months after the applicant passes and becomes unemployed.  However, the amount is not given immediately after two years or two years after the youth gets a job.

Documents required for the project

Proof of resident of Karnataka,

Aadhaar Card,

Degree mark sheet and certificate,

Diploma Certificate.  (for diploma holders),

caste certificate,

Income Certificate,

mobile number,

Bank account details,

Copy of Self Declaration

Procedure for submitting application in Seva Sindhu for Youth Fund Scheme:

Young men and women who are eligible for Yuvanidi should apply through ‘Seva Sindhu’ portal.  It is a place to get the benefits of many government schemes.  Now Yuva Nidhi is also included in this.  Yuva Nidhi Yojana page is not opening as application submission has not started.  Click on the link below to apply in the next few days.

This project will be added to Seva Sindhu in a few days.  Share this article with such good information to all your friends and relatives immediately, thanks.

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