Release of Labor Card Scholarship; Here’s how to check status

 Release of Labor Card Scholarship;  Here’s how to check status

Hello friends what we are going to tell you in today’s article is that the state government has released labor card scholarship.  Every year, Karnataka State Karnataka Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board provides many benefits to labor card holders and workers’ families who are registered with the board.  In this, some facilities like free laptop student kit and scholarship are being given mainly to the children of workers.  Accordingly, now the state government has released the scholarship for children of labor card workers, how to check its status can be fully understood in this article.

Labor Card Scholarship:

 Applications were invited for Kalika Bhagya Scholarship in 2023 24th academic year for children of labor card holders.  Labor’s main objective is to prevent the children of construction workers from being deprived of education and to encourage their education, so this board is giving this scholarship to the children of the workers who are having labor card and who are studying from nursery to post graduation.  The application of the applicants has been disposed of this year and now the funds are being released to the eligible beneficiaries.

How to Check Application Status:

 To check the application status of such children who have applied for scholarship through Labor Card, it is important to know what the application status is before applying through the SSP portal.  After logging in to the Seva Sindhu website first, you can check the application status or even without logging in, you can open the Seva Sindhu website and check that you have applied for the scholarship.

First visit the official website of Seva Sindhu Portal to check the status.  

Visit this website and click on Check Your Application Status for Aadhaar Department. 

 In it you have to enter the application reference number and the date of submission of the application as well as the word verification given below.

  After that you will see on the screen application reference number, name of the service, applied by application due date, if you scroll it it will show you application submitted means you have applied.  If you have status complete it means application submitted then you push task name tata to seva sindhu database today if its status also delivered it means your details sent to seva sindhu data.

So after completing the above steps it means you have applied for the scholarship.

 Thus, it can be said that this scholarship will be very helpful for the children who have the dream to improve their education and pursue higher education.  So if any of your friends have applied for scholarship through labor card, please share this information about the release of money to them and check the status of their application.

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