Gruha Lakshmi Apk

Gruha Lakshmi Apk

2,000 per month to the house owner as announced by the state government.  Both Sewa sindhu Portal and App (Gruhalakshmi App) are ready to facilitate application for Gruhalakshmi Scheme.  It is likely to be announced at any moment, after which women can apply without any difficulty.

The Congress government has announced five guarantee schemes (Congress Guarantee) in which the Shakti Yojana of free travel for women in government buses has been implemented since June 11.  The process of applying for Griha Jyoti Yojana, which will provide 200 units of free electricity to every house, is going on.  The application registration process is going smoothly and about 70 lakh customers have registered.

In the meantime, the application submission process which was supposed to start on June 16 was postponed because the application submission process should take place without any hindrance.  As Griha Jyoti application is being accepted on Seva Sindhu portal, it has been suggested that additionally a new app can be prepared and application can be accepted.

Now both Seva Sindhu Portal and App are ready to accept Griha Lakshmi Yojana application.  A final decision on this will be taken in the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.  If permission is given, there are possibilities to accept the application from June 29 or July 1 itself.

How to download the APP?

Grilahakshmi app is ready and available on mobile play store.  Go to play store and download Grilahakshmi app to get details of application methods, documents required to apply.  It will take effect once the government officially announces it.

Apart from the mobile app, the application will also be allowed on the Sewasindhu website.  The government has already said that no fee can be paid for filing the application.

What information is in the app?

Link to Apply for Griha Lakshmi Yojana

Griha Lakshmi Yojana Form

Explanation of how to apply

Explanation of how to apply

2000 Rs.  Who will get it?

-BPL, APL, Antyodaya card holders will get the family head.

– Only one person in the house will get money under Grilahakshmi Yojana.  The family should decide who is who.

– Mobile number linked with bank account, Aadhaar number is mandatory.

-If the husband of the housewife is an income tax payer then such person will not get the benefit of this scheme.  (Official information about this will be available after the announcement of the scheme.

Prepare these documents before leaving to apply

1. Aadhaar Card: This is your main identity card

2. Mobile Number

3 Ration Card: Are you an Antyodaya cardholder?  BPL or APL will be decided.

4. Present House Address: Clear address of current residence.

5. Bank Account Details: Clear details of the account into which the money is to be deposited

6. PAN card is likely to be asked.


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