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Karnataka Teacher Eligibility Test (KARTET-2022) Date: 06-11-2022 will be held across the state in two sessions (Paper-1 First Session and Paper-2 Afternoon Session) All candidates who have applied through online payment of prescribed fee as per notification Date: 25-10 -From 2022 their admit card is available on the departmental website https://schooleducation.kar.nic.in.

Candidates are asked to enter their User Id and Password to download. The instructions given to the candidates appearing for the KARTET-2022 examination have been published on the website and the candidates are advised to download the instruction copy, read and understand it thoroughly and appear for the examination with proper preparation. The list with telephone numbers of examination nodal officers of the respective district is also published on the website, the concerned officers can be contacted in case of need for more information regarding the examination centers.

Instructions for candidates appearing for the Karnataka Teacher Eligibility (KARTET-2022) Examination

  • Candidate must be present at the examination center one hour before the examination start time of each session.
  • Examination will be conducted very strictly. All candidates will be screened at the examination centre.
  • Candidates will be allowed to enter the examination hall 30 minutes before the commencement of the examination. After the commencement of the examination (9.30 am, 2.00 pm) there will be no entry into the examination hall.
  • Once the candidate enters the examination hall, he is not allowed to leave the examination center for any reason till the end of the examination.
  • Must be present at the examination center on time as mentioned in the schedule given below. The entrance door of the examination center will be closed half an hour before the commencement of the examination as the candidates have to be screened for privacy reasons. Distribution of question paper booklets with pre-printed OMR and getting signatures on the nominee list.

The candidate should write his/her application number in the prescribed square of the pre-printed OMR and shade as per the method indicated in the example.

Unsealing of test books containing answer sheets and start answering Bell test of last five minutes duration of the test Closing session-1 (Paper-1) 9.00 A.M 9.00 to 9.15 AM 9.15 AM 9.25 AM 06/11/2022 9.30 AM
11.55 A.M 12.00 Noon Session-2 (Paper- 2) 1.30 PM 1.30 to 1.45 PM 1.45 PM 1.55 PM 2.00 P.M 04.25 P.M 4.30 P.M

  • Wrist watch, mobile, calculator, pager, Bluetooth and other electronic items and items like log table, white plaid, firebox or cigarette lighter are prohibited inside the examination hall. This will be checked by the examination staff.

1 Before Exam:

  • Date : 25/10/2022 Candidates can download Hall Ticket online.
  • Candidate can check the exam admit card well in advance from Public Education Department website https://schooleducation.kar.nic.in
  • Candidates who have submitted more than one online application should download the admit card related to the last/correctly filled application and reply with the application number of the said admit card.
  • If you need details regarding the address of the examination center, you can call the nodal officer of KARTET-2022 of the district where you are going to write the examination and get the information. Phone number of Nodal Officer is available on the website.
  • Candidates without admit card will not be exempted from writing the exam. No chance. Nothing about this
  • After entering the room, candidates sit at the desk where their application number is mentioned in the admit card.
  1. After entering the examination room before starting the examination:
  2. Candidates enter the examination hall with admit card.
  3. After downloading from and knowing the allotted exam center address, visit the exam center at least one day in advance to ensure correct address to avoid any confusion.
    (Especially Candidates appearing in Bangalore)
  4. Candidates must ensure that they sit in the seat mentioned in their application number in their admit card. In the pre-printed OMR, the main points in the candidate’s application are pre-printed so that the candidate can submit his own OMR. Ensuring that Candidates should fill and shade their application number in the prescribed column on the pre-printed OMR sheet and ensure that the application number already printed on the OMR sheet and the application number written by them are same. After receiving the question paper booklet with pre-printed OMR, serial number of OMR question…
  1. If the pre-printed OMR number and question paper booklet serial number do not match, such OMR answer sheets will not be considered for evaluation. Candidates will be responsible for what happens next.
  2. In the pre-printed OMR the candidate should fill and shade the application number in the prescribed column where the application number is given (both the pre-printed application number in the OMR and the application number in the admit card should be entered in a matching manner) the pre-printed application number and the application number in the admit card If not identical, such OMR answer sheets will not be considered for evaluation. Candidates will be responsible for what happens next.

Once given a different OMR question book then start answering only after getting your own pre-printed OMR question book.

  1. During the Examination: The examination will start at the scheduled time (Paper-1, 9.30 AM and Paper-2, 2.00 PM).
    Writing the exam without violating the exam confidentiality and rules. Observing the alarm clock for the last 5 minutes left in the test session. No copying or any other unauthorized assistance by any candidate
    A candidate who gives or conducts in any way to breach the confidentiality of the examination or follows improper route or violates the rules of the examination in any manner will be disqualified and action will be taken against such candidate as per rules.

Pay attention to the bell schedule printed on the back of your admit card. The candidate should sign in the square provided below the pre-printed OMR (signature should match the signature on the application form) and clearly press the left thumb impression. Then they have to get signature on the pre-printed OMR from their room supervisor.

OMRs without the signature and thumbprint of the candidates and the signature of the room supervisor will not be considered for evaluation.
Candidates should sign their name in front of the nominal roll and clearly press the left thumb impression. It is strictly prohibited for the candidate to alter, delete or change the answer in his OMR answer sheet. There is no opportunity to change the answer by applying white puid. Such answer sheets will be disqualified without being evaluated. Smoking, taking other breakfast is prohibited in the examination centre. A second signature on the nominal roll is mandatory for the candidate while submitting the answer sheet.

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