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As part of the Karnataka Rajyotsava, 'Kotikantha Gaayana' will be sung by crores of people simultaneously on 28th

Koti Kanta Gayana: ‘Nanna Nadu-Nanna Sangu’ is a folk song that proclaims the greatness of Kannada Nadu-singing in ensemble singing, ‘Udayavagali Namma Cheluva Kannada Nadu’ by Huilagola Narayana, ‘Barisu Kannada Dindimava’ by Rashtrakavi Kuvempur, ‘Hachchevu Kannada Deepa’ by Dr. DS Karki. Nadoja Dr. Chennaveera Kanavi’s ‘Vishwavinutana Vidyachetana’, Dr. Hansalekha’s songs ‘Huttif Kannada Nadalli Uthutnadu’ are sung.

The Department of Kannada and Culture is organizing the ‘Kotikantha Gayana’ program as part of the 2022 Karnataka Rajyotsava on behalf of the government, and one crore people will participate in this special program.

‘Nanna Nadu-Nanna Sangu’ is a song that proclaims the excellence of Kannada country music in group singing, ‘Udayavagali Namna Cheluva Kannada Nadu’ by Huilagola Narayanaraya, ‘Barisu Kannada Dindimava’ by Rashtrakavi Kuvempur, ‘Hachchevu Kannada Deepa’ by Dr. DS Karki, Nadoja Dr. Chennaveera Kanavi’s ‘Vishwavinutana Vidyachetana’, Dr. Hansalekha’s ‘Huttike Kannada Nadalli Uttunadu’ songs will be sung simultaneously on Friday 28th October at 11-00 am.

An arrangement has been made to register the participants in the Koti Kantha Gita Gaya program and issue an automatic online certificate to the participants. In connection with this, the registration campaign is being conducted till October 28, online registration can be done through the Kannadasiri website link. Link:

Government Departments have been instructed to issue instructions to all levels of officers/staff under their departmental jurisdiction to register and participate in this programme. A video has been uploaded on the YouTube channel of Kannada and Culture Department about the registration procedure and photograph uploading.

The official announcement said that the district level officers/staff who come under the jurisdiction of their department should register and participate in the program and upload the photograph after the program is over and give proper direction to organize the program and publicize the program to make this Kannada campaign a success.

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