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Farmers and ordinary people can now sit at home and get five days’ worth of rainfall. Yes, farmers can get rain information five days in advance with the help of Meghdoot App.

Crop sowing, harvesting and other agricultural activities will be a problem for farmers without proper rainfall information. Sometimes they suffer from not knowing the rain forecast. The government has set up an app called Meghdoot so as not to harm the farmers and disturb the agricultural activities.

This cloud-based app provides farmers with five-day advance information on weather, including weather conditions, on mobile. For this, farmers need to install a cloud cloud app, no need to call, no newspaper. Rain forecast can be obtained on mobile.

The Megadoodle App was developed jointly by the Indian Meteorological Department and the Indian Research Council. This is especially useful for farmers.

What information does the cloud cloud provide?

Meghdoot App forecasts rainfall for farmers five days in advance. It gives a report of the maximum and minimum temperatures. What direction the wind is blowing. Provides representative farmers with information on the amount of rainfall if it rains.

In which Tau languages ​​is the Meghdoot Aap available?

Megadoodle is available in 12 languages ​​in the country including Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali and Odia. Farmers have to choose Kannada where they want to look. To get information in Hindi, you can choose the language in the past.

How to download cloud cloud app?

This is when farmers need to download the cloud cloud app on their mobile phones


You have to click on the link. Then another pez opens for the farmers. Farmers should click on Install. After clicking on Open, select the language in which you want to view the information. After selecting the language, click on Next to find out what information to get. Click Next again to login to the cloud cloud app.

Here the farmers have to press the login after entering their mobile number. Then comes the Aloha Meghdoot Access Message. You have to click on Use the App there. You will then see other information such as the district, the current minimum temperature, the date on which the rain falls, the speed of the wind.

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