PM Kusum Scheme


Pradhan Mantri Kusum Yojana Solar Pump Scheme.
Under Prime Minister Kusum’s plan, a 90% subsidy will be given to install solar pumps in the fields, with full information on who can apply for it and what are the qualifications.

PM Kusum Scheme The project will help more than 20 lakh farmers in the country to irrigate their wastelands with solar panels to help green them.

The Prime Minister Kusuma Scheme is also being developed by the Central and State Governments with a number of agricultural projects aimed at reducing the cost of farmers in agricultural related work. This helps the farmers to get a better income from the burden of farm costs.

Prime Minister Kusum Yojana (Pradhan Mantri Kusum Yojana)

To ensure the availability of water and electricity for agriculture to the farmers, the Government of India launched the Prime Minister Kusum project in 2019. The objective of this project is to ensure the availability of solar pumps for irrigation to farmers.

This can save both farmers’ energy and energy. The project will help around 20 lakhs of farmers in the country with the help of solar power to water the wasteland.

Pradhan Mantri Kusum Yojana To whom does this project apply?

  • It is important that the applicant for the Kusuma project is an Indian citizen.
  • It is essential that farmers have all the necessary documents to apply.
  • Under this scheme, you can apply for a solar power plant to buy a 0.5 MW to 2 MW capacity plant.
  • If farmers wish, they will be able to apply according to their need or based on the capacity specified by the distribution corporation.
  • If the applicant farmers are applying for a large unit of solar pump through the developer, the developer will have to pay Rs 1 crore per megawatt per year. It is imperative to have income.

Necessary documents required

  • Farmers’ Aadhaar Card
  • Petitioner’s ration card
  • Applicant farmers are required to have a KYC
  • A portrait of a farmer’s passport measure
  • The applicant’s bank account is compulsory as the amount of the grant is credited to the account.
  • Bank Account Details

Farmers can contact their nearest Agriculture Department office to take advantage of the scheme. Or you can apply by registering on the official website https://MNRE.GOV.IN/.

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