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This is how much insurance money for vegetable crops

An application is being made by farmers to insure not only horticultural crops but also vegetable crops for the monsoon season of 2022-23. Most farmers insure horticultural crops, including cotton, name, cotton, corn and sunflower. But vegetable crops are not insured. Now some vegetable crops can be insured. Here is the complete information on how much insurance will cover for the crop.

What crops of vegetables can be insured?

Farmers can also insure potatoes, chillies, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower and onion crops. Applications are invited from farmers in the current line to insure these vegetable crops.

What is the last date to insure a vegetable crop?

July 31 is the last date for farmers to insure potatoes and peppers. July 15 is the last date to insure tomatoes, cabbage and onion vegetables.

How much insurance to cover for a crop of vegetables. Here is information on how much insurance money can be saved if the crop is damaged by a crop failure, storm, hurricane, thunderstorm, etc.

How much of your vegetable is online in your district?

Farmers can now see on mobile how much crop insurance and how much money they need to cover the crop.
You have to click on the link. Then another page opens. Farmers should choose which district they belong to. Then the taluk should be selected. After choosing your hobli you need to choose the village. The crop should be selected where the crop is insured. You have to mention how many acres are insured.

Example If you intend to insure an acre, you should enter 0 in the 1 acre pit. Then click on Show Premium. So how much money does the total amount of money accumulate, the total amount of insurance, and the farmers? Looks like the central and state government.

How much money does the crop have?

For example, farmers have to pay insurance per acre and how much money is lost if the crop is damaged

The loss of one acre crop of tomatoes will cost the farmers Rs 47,754. Farmers have to pay Rs 2387 per acre.

The loss of one acre crop of onion will cost the farmers Rs 30352. Farmers pay 1517 rupees per acre.

If an acre of crops is lost, Rs 28733 is lost. Farmers should pay Rs 1436 per acre.

47754 is lost if one acre of cauliflower is lost. Farmers have to pay Rs 2387 per acre.

If potatoes lose one acre of crop, Rs 28329 is lost. Farmers pay 1415 rupees per acre.

There is a difference in insurance premiums and insurance money for irrigated and dry-tilled vegetable crops. When insuring, you can check for irrigation or rainfall.

Vegetable Acres Jame Money to be built
Tomatoes 1 Acres Rs.47754/- Rs. 2387/-
Onion 1 Acres Rs.30352/- Rs.1517/-
Chilli 1 Acres Rs.28733/- Rs.1436/-
Cauliflower 1 Acres Rs.47754/- Rs.2387/-
Potatoes 1 Acres Rs.28329/- Rs.1415/-
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