Yadagiri District

Previously, the region was ruled by a Yadava dynasty. It is known from various sources that this clan of “Yadavas” is also sometimes cited as Yadavamsa. Yadagiri, Chr. Poo was the capital of the Yadavs from 1347 to 1425. The most important saints of the time, the Chalukyas, the Rashtrakutas, the Shahis, the Adil Shahis and the Nizam Shahi are ruled by the Yadgiriyan. A magnificent hill in the Yadgir is located in the heart of the Yadgir. It was called Yadagiri because it belonged to a hill called Giri. Simplified as Yadavana Giri, Yadav Giri, Yadagiri, Yadgir. It is called by many names.

Yadagiri has emerged as the 30th district of the state since December. A new district has been formed consisting of Shahpur and Surapur taluks. Those at the Meeting of Vol. The preliminary notification was issued at a meeting of the Cabinet on 27th July, finalizing the division of Gulbarga district into a new district centered on Yadagiri town. This was announced by the then Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa in the Assembly on Wednesday.

Yadagiri is the 30th district of Karnataka. There are Sedam in the north of Yadagiri taluk, Chittapur in the northwest, Shahpur in the west and Makhtal taluks in Mahabubnagar in Andhra Pradesh in the east.

Yadagiri district also has many natural resources. Krishna and Bheem are the major rivers in Yadgir. There are good opportunities for industrialization and sugar and fuel factories have already been opened near the village of Hiretumkur.

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