Bidar District

A city on a hilltop, on a Deccan plateau. It is located in the eastern part of the Indian state of Karnataka. It is the district headquarters of Bidar district. Bidar district shares its border with Maharashtra and Telangana. It is one of the fastest growing cities and belongs to the Bidar metropolitan area. The city is known for its many architectural, historical and religious significance.

It is believed that the name Bidar comes from bamboo. Previously, it was known for its bamboo chandeliers, so it was called bamboo, and after that, the name was changed to Bidar.

Legends say that Bidar was associated with the ancient kingdom of Vidarbha. Vidarbha is mentioned in ancient Hindu texts such as Malavikagnimitra, Mahabharata, Harivamsa, Bhagavata and some other Puranas. This is mentioned in the writing of Farishta.

Traditional tales tell that Vidura lived here. It was formerly known as Viduranagar and was also the place where Nala and Damayanti (daughter of Raja Bheema and King of Vidarbha) met.

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