Ramanagar District


The Ramanagaram district was carved out of the former Bangalore rural district on 23 August 2007, consisting of Ramanagar, Channapatana, Kanakapura and Magadi taluks. Ramanagaram is a town and city municipality in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is the headquarters of Ramanagar district. During the rule of Tipu Sultan, the town was known as Shanserabad.

Ramanagaram is a city and district headquarters of the district of Karnataka in India. Formerly a part of Bangalore District, Bangalore was formed in 1986 as a separate district. In 2007, Ramanagara became part of the Bangalore rural district and became a separate district. Ramanagaram is renowned as a silk land, a milky city, and Saptagiri Nadu. The Ramanagara Taluk has an area of ​​630 sq.km.

Ramanagar district has 5 taluks namely Ramanagar, Channapatna, Magadi, Kanakapura, Harohalli and declared as the new taluk center in 2020.

The new taluks on demand should split Kanakapura Taluk and create Harohalli and Kodihalli Taluk.

Ramanagar taluk should be divided and formed a lodging taluk

Kudur Taluk should be created by dividing Magadi Taluk

Huniyur Durga Taluk should be created by dividing the Kunigal taluk

The total area of ​​Ramanagar district is 4497 ​​sq.km.

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