Mandya District

Mandya is a district in Karnataka. Mandya is the district headquarters of the Mandya district. Mandya is located between Mysore and Bangalore. It is about 4 km from Bangalore.

Total area of ​​Mandya District Km. As of the census of 4, the census count here is 1, 6 (1 male, 1 female). The most prominent of these is the Kasubu Aramba. The main crop of the district is sugarcane and paddy. Mandya city extends at ೭೬ ° ೧೯ ‘and ೭೭ ° ೨೦’ east longitude and ೧೨ ° ೧೩ ‘and ೧೩ ° ೦೪’ north latitudes.

Mandya district was formed in 1939. It is currently surrounded by Hassan and Tumkur districts to the north, Tumkur and Bangalore districts to the east and Hassan and Mysore districts to the west. Mandya district comprises 7 taluks.

The total geographical area of ​​the district is 4,98,244 hectares. Of this, 2,53,067 hectares make up the sown area. More than half the total land area of ​​the district is used for agriculture. 94,779 hectares of irrigated land. About 5 lakh people are employed in agriculture with a total population of 19.25 lakh.

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