Koppal District

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Koppal, officially known as Koppal District, is an administrative district in the state of Karnataka, India. In the past, Koppal was known as the ‘City of Copenhagen’. Hampi is a World Heritage Center and covers some of the Koppal district. It is about 38 km away. Anegundi is a popular tourist destination.

Koppal was discovered before the kingdoms of the Satavahanas, Gangas, Hoysalas and Chalukya dynasties. The name “Koppala” has been chosen by the great poet Kavirajamarmaga as “Viditha Maha Kopanna City” (814-878 AD during the reign of King Nrupatunga). Jainism gained prominence during the Ashoka period. Therefore, it is called “Jainakashi”. The Gavi Math at Koppal is a major attraction at present.

Anegundi of Gangavati Taluk was the first capital of the Vijayanagar dynasty. The old palace and fort still exist in the elephant. Other important historical places in Koppal district are Huligee, Kanakagiri, Itagi, Kukunura, Indrakeela Mountain, Pura, Chikkabenakal and Hirebenakal. In pre-independence, Koppal was under the Hyderabad Nizam and was part of the Hyderabad region. Although India gained independence on 15 August 1947, the people of the region were further liberated from the clutches of the Hyderabad Nizam and were released by the Karnataka Nizam of Hyderabad on 17 September 1948. Koppal district includes Koppala, Gangavathi, Kushtagi & Yalaburga and the newly formed (19.01.2018) Kanakagiri, Karatagi, Kukanura (18.01.2018) Talukas

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