Kalburgi District

Kalburgi is the former name of the city. The history of Kalaburagi can be traced back to the days of Rashtrakuta kings. Then the Chalukya empire was in turmoil for 5 years. For the twelfth century after the Chalukyas, Kaluburichi was under the control of the kings. Marathoor: – There is a Sanjodhana Kendra of Vigneshwara who is known as the Father of Indian Jurisprudence. Towards the end of the twelfth century the Devas of Yadavir and the Hoysalas of Dwarasamudra defeated the Chalukya and the Kalchuri. At the same time, the Kakatiya rulers of Warangal rose to prominence and went under their control. AD The Kakatiyas were defeated by the Kakatiyas and joined the hands of the Sultans of Delhi. The Delhi sovereigns revolted in the year 6, in the Hasan Ganga of Bahman, founded the Bahmani Empire and made Kalburagi the capital. When the Bahmani Sultanate fell under control, five different Bahmani kingdoms were established and the Kalaburagi district became part of the kingdoms of Bidar and partly of Bijapur. Aurangzeb again conquered the region in the 7th century and became part of the Mughal Empire once again. At the beginning of the 7th century, the influence of the Mughal Empire diminished. Kalubaragi joined the principality of Hyderabad. After India gained independence, the State of Hyderabad joined the Republic of India in September as a result of the fierce struggle of the people of Bidar, Kalaburagi and Raichur. In the linguistic division of the states, the two remaining taluks of the Kalaburagi district belonged to the state of Mysore. Mysore was renamed to Karnataka in the 19th century. Among them are Venkatappa Nayaka Surapura (against the British and Nizam), Ramananda Theertha, Sardar Saranagaud Inanda, Channabasappa Kulageri, Devindrappa Mastar – Sindagi (b) (Nizamana’s fight) And won against the British. This part of the reason was that it was under the rule of the Nizam for many days. Dr. Krishnan was the first to research the history of liberation in Karnataka. B. C. Mahabaleshwarappa has done great work. Then, on September 1, every year, the day of redemption is celebrated.

Kalaburagi is one of the districts of Karnataka. According to the census of the population of this district, the number is Rs. There are 1,000,000 men and 1,000,000 men. There are ten taluks in the Kalaburagi district. The climate here can go up to 5 degrees in summer; The minimum temperature in the winter season is usually 5 degrees.

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