Haveri District

Haveri is a town in Karnataka, India. The name Haveri is derived from the Kannada words snake and keri, which means place of snakes. Haveri is famous for cardamom garlands. It is said that in ancient days there were about 1000 monasteries (sacred places in Kannada; Kannada – Thoth). One of the famous monasteries is the Hookkari Monastery. Haveri Baidagi is also famous for selling red chillies which is famous all over India. About 25 km away, there is a place called Bada, the birthplace of the poet Kanakadasana.

Haveri is about 7 hours by train from Bangalore. It is the middle stop between Hubli and Davangere. The stop is 76.5 km before Hubli and 72 km after Davanagere. By road, it is about 340 km from NH-4 to Bangalore towards Mumbai. It is located on 307 km north of the port city of Mangalore.

Haveri has a middle stage in education. Haveri started Government Engineering College in Devagiri in 2007.

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