Hassan District

Hassan is the district headquarters of the Karnataka state. The Hoysalas, one of the largest and most powerful empires in South India, held the Hassan district as the center of their rule. Hassan was the capital of Belur in the district. Next, they moved their capital to Halebidi during the 7 – 4 period. Today the Hassan district is recognized worldwide for its Hoysala architecture. More than 5 sculptures are found in many villages and towns in the district.

Hassan is the district headquarters of Karnataka state. The Hassan district was the center of their administration during the Hoysalas’ reign, including the extensive rule of South India and one of the strongest kingdoms. Hassan district today is famous for Hoysala architecture.

The Ooty of the Poor, the gateway to the highlands, the home of sculptures, the Hoysalas Nadu. The Master Control Facility of the Indian Space Research Organization, Nisei Shan, which controls the Indian national satellite system, is also present.

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