Chitradurga District

Chitradurga is a district in Karnataka. It is also a historical place. This district once belonged to the Davanagere district. The city of Chitradurga is believed to have been ruled by Chitraketha (Chitralinga), the son of Sri Krishna Jambavati. For that reason, there is an increase in the area around Chitradurga, which is known as the Chitraketu or Chitralonga. The area was rocky and rocky. Chitradekurga is named after Chitraketha who ruled over such a remote area. Chitraldrag was the official name of the British period. [1]

The district is valued for its history, valor, sacrifice, and tradition. The stone fort, or the seven round fort, recreates the pages of history.

In the Vijayanagara period, Chitradurga was given the throne of Vijayanagar as the governor of the Vijayanagara Empire. His son was Obanna or Madakari leader. Madakari leader’s son Kasturi Rangappa continued his reign in peace. Like being adopted because he had no children. But just as the petals killed the child. Chikka Nayaka – Madakari’s hero rises to the chin. The general opinion is that after this many people rose to the chin but there was no claim of royalty.

Isila – It is situated in the north-east of Chitradurga, Brahmagiri. It was the provincial capital of the Ashoka period. There is a chaityalaya built in brick during that time. The word Ishila is found in Ashoka’s inscription.

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