Chikkaballapur District

Chikballapur is one of the districts of Karnataka. Previously a taluk of Kolar district, it was carved out of the pre-existing Kolar District (before partition) by the fourth largest district (before partition) on 23 August 2007 by shifting the Gauribidanur, Gudibanda, Bagepalli, Chikkaballapur, Shidlaghatta and Chintamani taluks to the new district.

The official and most spoken language is Kannada. The district became an administrative center. Sir to this district. M. People want to be named as Vishweshwaraiah district. The Nandi Temple is very close to the temple. Here are the two sexes of Lord Shiva. Here we find epigraphs older than Ganga and Kadambha. There is also the inscription that some of the leading Englishmen, Larda Cornwallis, were here some day. The Muthurayaswamy Temple is also a very ancient temple in Makireddipalli, which is situated at a distance of 3 km.

It is here that Srirama Navami Day is conducted. Nandi Hills is a famous hill station. Chikkaballapur is very famous for chili. The farming community here is very pro-farmers.

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