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Farmers are also encouraged by the government to nurture and grow saplings. Yes, if the farmer receives the seedlings for just 1 rupee and nurtures the seedlings for three years, they will get a subsidy of Rs 125 per plant. 400 hectares per hectare can be subsidized up to 50 thousand rupees.

Yes, farmers will get this facility under the Agro-forestry Incentive Scheme. Once the farmers have registered their names in the Forest Department and received the saplings from the Department, the survivor will get a subsidy of Rs. 35 / – at the end of the first year and Rs. Under this scheme, many farmers benefit every year. The farmers will be given a subsidy of Rs 125 for three years to encourage planting of plants.

What kind of plants can be subsidized?

Farmers are able to plant and plant the seedlings at the concessionary rates from the nearest nursery. Under this scheme, farmers can grow and cultivate other plants, including sandalwood, tegu, Hebbayu and Mahagani. Farmers can get an incentive of up to 400 saplings per hectare.

How will farmers be given incentives?

The officials of the Forest Department are inspecting the seedlings obtained under the Agro-forestry Incentive Scheme and come to the Farmer’s Land. Examines how many plants survived in planting plants. They also visit the farmer’s farm for three years. Details of surviving saplings are reported to Forest Department bosses. The incentive is then credited to the Farmers’ Account.

Documents required to obtain saplings

Farmers must have Aadhaar card. Must have a farm horn. There should be a bank pass book. There should be three recent photos.

Where to get the saplings?
Under the Agroforestry Incentive Scheme, farmers can obtain saplings at their nearest Forest Department office. Application form from the Forest Department should be filled and registered.

In the application you need to specify the name and address of the saplings and what the saplings are. In addition to the application, only Rs.10 / – has to be registered.

Sapling distribution centers
You can check how many saplings are available at the sapling distribution center in your district. Farmers This
Just clicking on the link will open the Forest Department web page. Select District, Taluk and click on Search. Then a map of Karnataka appears. There is a sign of saplings near your district. It looks at the location of the plant area and how many saplings are available.

How many rupees does a sapling get?
Under the Agroforestry Incentive Scheme, farmers can get one sapling of 5 x 8 saplings, Rs 3 per sapling of 8 x 12 poly bag and Rs 5 per 10 x 16 saplings.

You can call the 1926 helpline for more information.

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