SSLC Grace Marks

Are you the students who wrote the SSLC Exam this time? Or are your children writing the SSLC exam this time and waiting for the result? So that’s good news for you.

Don’t be afraid to fail. The State Department of Education has decided to pass the Grace Marks. The government has decided to pass a grace period of 10 per cent in all three subjects this time.

Who Will Get Grace Marks?

The SSLC exam will be available only if the student passes a requirement of 10% of the total score in the three-point theory test. Out of the six subjects written for the test, three pass in the other, while the other three pass the 80% marks of the theory test, which means 24 points out of three.

How to Share Grace Marks

For the Kannada language subject, 100% marks the theory test, 10% ie 10 marks. So if the first language in succession is Kannada, then the number of three subjects will be 26. These points will be allocated to pass-through subjects. However, it is not yet revealed how these grace points will be distributed.

If there is no 26 marks there is no grace marks

The decision has been made to give a 26 point test along with three theory test. It is decided to bachave the students out of the jaws of the fal. However, the Department of Education has said that even though grading in three respects has not been passed, such students are not given credit.

When does the SSLC test result come out?

The Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board has conducted its annual examination for SSLC for March 20 to April 11, 2013. The key answers to the test have already been published. The value measurement process has also begun. The Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board was all set to announce the SSLC exam results on May 12. But now the date for publishing the test result is gone.

Postponement of the result

Due to the arrival of line holidays, the assessment process is likely to be completed by May 5, with some delays in the assessment. After completing the scorecard, the results are likely to be announced by May 15.

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