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Under its mega land record digitization program, the Karnataka government launched the app in March 2018 to provide key details of land and property through an app called Dishank. The primary objective of the state to launch this application is to reduce the number of property-related frauds in Karnataka and to provide easy access to land records for property buyers and investors. Although the official name of the app is Dishank, it is also sometimes spelled Dishak.

Information is available in the Dishank app
Using Dishank, you can get details of any land or property in Karnataka. In addition to helping users know the number of accounts and plots surveyed, the app also helps to make sure that the land they are buying is from landfills or creek beds or any other water resources or government land. Through the geo-referenced map in Dishank App, you can check whether the earth survey number entered in your account certificate is accurate.

Details in the Dishank app

  • Earth Survey Number
  • The exact location of the earth
  • The expanse of the earth
  • Government restrictions on land
  • Court orders on earth
  • Loads on the earth
  • The Dishank app released by the Karnataka State Government Revenue

Department is based on 1960 survey maps available in the state. This is different from the similar apps released by Bruhat in the sense that the Bangalore Metropolitan Policy (BBMP), the Bangalore Metropolitan Area Development Authority and other civic agencies in the state do not provide information on the original nature of the site. Those planning to buy a land, plot or residential property in Karnataka should contact the application to verify the veracity of the facts provided by the property owner before deciding to buy.

Land details are available in the Dishank app
Note that the Dishank app only provides details of the land such as the survey number and its exact location. To get information about its owner, you must visit the state’s land records website, the RTC Land Portal. However, efforts are being made to include the details of land and property owners in the application.

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