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Invitation to Gram-One Franchises: Self-Employment for Graduates

The ‘Gram One’ center is being opened in various districts to ensure that all civil services in the rural area can be accessed from the Integrated Citizens Service Center under the Department of E-Governance. Against this backdrop, Gram One has been invited by qualified candidates to recruit franchisees.

Applications can only be made online and any other applications will be rejected.

In which districts: Kalaburagi, Raichur, Yadagiri, Vijayanagara, Chamarajanagar, Dakshina Kannada, Hassan, Mandya and Mysore districts are to be set up to launch the Gram One Center on a franchise basis.

What are the qualifications? 1 to 2 lakh at least. Must have the ability to invest. Gram One Police Inspection Certificate The collective should be in a central position and easily accessible to the public.

What are the technology requirements ?: Desktop / laptop, multipurpose printer (print / scan), biometric scanner (Secugen Hamster Pro 20), web camera, Wi-Fi receiver, two internet service Must have internet connection from the provider.

  • The Village One Center, set up by the franchise, must have a special partition with a separate entry.
  • The GramOne Center must have a minimum size of 100 sq.ft. Customers should have 4 chairs to sit on.
  • Name Panel / Rate Bar / Building Color / GramOn Logo, Branding Seals The GramOne project’s branding should be standard.
  • Franchisees need to keep their collections clean and tidy.
  • The floor of the room should be of tiles / granite, there should be an RC roof and the walls should be of cement brick / cement stone. There should be no water leakage on any part.
  • The furniture should be as directed by the Village One project.
  • Franchisees must have CCTV surveillance and LCDTV.

Applicable: Applicable for Franchise Experimental Project Rs. Is assigned.

Last date to apply: 4.5.2022

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