LIC Adharshila scheme


Indian Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) has a number of insurance schemes based on age and income, from children to the elderly. LIC policies are the most popular choice for people to invest in after banking and post office savings schemes in India.

This is because LIC is a state-owned corporation and the money invested is safe and returns good. LIC has created a special scheme called LIC Aadhaar Shila Plan for Woman and Woman. With this plan you will get only Rs 29 per day. Invest 4 lakh Return can be earned.

LIC Aadhaar Shila Plan provides financial support to policyholder’s death before the maturity of security and savings. After maturity, the policyholder will be paid the full amount at once. In addition, the scheme includes Auto Cover and Loan, which provides financial assistance to policyholders during times of financial distress.

How much do you get?

Under this policy a minimum of Rs. Original amount guaranteed. Maximum basic amount is Rs. Andre L IC Aadhaar Shila policy is a maximum of Rs 3 lakh per person. You can invest. The maturity period of this policy is 10 years to 20 years. You can now pay the premium by selecting one of these for a month, three months, 6 months or once a year.

How to get 4 lakhs after maturity?

For example if you pay Rs 29 a day. Suppose you make savings. Andrea will pay you Rs 10,959 per year. Deposit can be made in LIC Aadhaar Shila Plan. Thus, you can start investing in this scheme at the age of 30 and continue for 20 years at a cost of Rs 10,959 per annum. You will invest. Andre 20 You will get Rs 2,14,696 per year. You will invest. During the maturity period you will be paid Rs 3,97,000. Earn a return.

Who deserves it?

Any woman aged 8 to 55 years can invest in this project. Instead of receiving the maturity benefits of the policy at once, you have the option of receiving the option over a period of 5 years or 10 years or 15 years. Policy holders can pay Surrender Value at any time after paying the policy for two years.

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