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What is your home tax balance? Check in Mobile? Here's the information

Modern technology is so advanced that having a smartphone is enough, you can sit at home and get all the information. Whether it is for government projects, for banking, for other purchases, for phone recharge or for viewing home tax information, you can sit at home and watch it on mobile.

Yes, the government has implemented various schemes to make it easier for the farmers and the general public to get information from the government, and also provide information through some government software. The information barn is also one of this list.

There are several types of utility provided in the webpage called Information Wasp. The people of the village can sit at home and see the amount of tax dues this year. Here’s how it feels.

This is to look at home tax collections and balances

You have to click on the link. The Information Store will open the Public Information System page. The district should be selected there. Select the taluk and choose the gram panchayat.

Select the village you belong to and click on submit. Then another page opens. The village name, homeowner’s name, home number, property number, last four digits of the property ID, the financial year ie the year 2021-22 and the amount of tax due.

This information has been given to the residents of the village to sit at home and look after the tax dues. The government has been given this facility to avoid alcohol. You don’t need anyone’s help. Residents of the village can easily find this information at home.

Based on this information, residents can deduct tax for the current year. Information on the Karna Web page can be found in other departments including Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department, Revenue Department Land & Map Services, Education Department School Details, Labor Department, Agriculture Department Plans and Beneficiaries.

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