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How to Delete Google Account?

It is rare to find those who do not use Google’s services nowadays. Almost everyone is using Google services in one way or another. To use any of Google’s services, you must first have a Google Account, a Gmail account. But Google will allow it if you no longer use Google services or want to delete a Gmail account for some other reason.

If you delete a Gmail account, you will notice that all other apps, movies, games, music and so on, including YouTube, Google Play, are deleted.

How to Delete a Gmail Account – By-Step Guide

  1. Open address in your web browser.
  2. Click the Data & Personalization option on the left side of the menu.
  3. Now download, delete, or make a plan for your data. Scroll down until it appears.
  4. Delete a service or your account. Click.
  5. Now Delete your Google Account. Click. At this point you can complete the process of deleting the account by entering your Google Account Password.
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