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When driving, you must keep a driving license and all vehicle related documents. Often we forget to carry a driving license or other vehicle related document with the vehicle. In this case, the traffic police are likely to inspect and penalize.

But by installing an app on mobile, you can escape the police penalties even if you don’t have a vehicle record. The mParivahan app, which keeps all vehicle related records in digital media, can be solved by installing it on mobile. See the full details on this option in this article.

What is Emparihavan Aap?

MParivahan AAP has been launched by the central government to enable all motorists in the country to digitally store all important documents including their vehicle registration certificate (RC), driving license (DL) and insurance.

Through this app motorists can get information about traffic offices and traffic congestion. In addition, Virtual RC and License documents can be obtained on their mobile phones. The Transport Department has approved the documents in mParivahan Aap. In this context, those documents are considered original documents.

If the traffic police ask for a driving license or RC during the vehicle inspection, motorists can show the documents in mParivahan Ape’s without any hesitation. This can avoid paying fines.

Benefits of mParivahan aap

mParivahan App provides the ability to have virtual copies of documents digitally on mobile. These virtual records are as valid as the original records. Applicants can use these documents anywhere on their mobile phones.

Through this app you can get complete details of the vehicle, including the vehicle owner’s name, registration date, registration authority, fuel type, vehicle age, vehicle class, insurance accreditation, fitness validity.

Methods of Downloading mParivahan App

MParivahan App can be downloaded from both Play Store and Apple Store.

After downloading the app, enter the mobile number in it and sign up.

After receiving the OTP for the mobile number, the signup process is completed. Then login.

After logging in, you will see a selection of Virtual DL, RC and other documents on the App homepage.

You can download their virtual format by entering the original DL and RC registration number.

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