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Need a Land Survey Number Map, Landslide Map? Here's the information

Village maps can also be obtained as a country and state map. You don’t have to go to any store, government offices to get a map of these villages. You can sit at home and download it on mobile.

Yes, with the help of a map of the village, you will get information on the boundaries of the village, the slopes and the rivers in that village. Also, the sidewalk, road, and road to the land of the town will be on the map. There will also be survey information around town.

Yes, this map prepared by the Revenue Department has been compiled by Karnataka State Remote Sensing Center for Information Technology and Biotechnology Department of Karnataka.

What information is available on the village map map?

The village boundary line, Sarvenam, hisa number, sidewalk, bundi road, lotus road, ditch, hill, rocks, house, lake, water flow direction, well, temple, large trees, winged trees are marked.

How to download village map
Download the village map in mobile

You have to click on this link. Then the information provided by the government to the public will open the web page. The district should choose where. Then, choose the taluk, the hobli and the village.

Once the village is selected, click on Submit. Then another page opens. You have to click on the map link that looks ahead there. Then your map will open.

This map contains information about survey, number, trail, land, river, hull, hill, hill and direction.

This map can be printed in large size and pasted in the schools and temples of the town. This will benefit the people of the town and the school children. This gives farmers access to survey numbers around their farm.

This will help them to know if they have to go to their land. Farmers will get information on whether the land is pressurized if it is in a quarry and bundle beside the farm. Farmers get the information, even if the land of the slums is pressed.

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