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Pradhan mantri matru vandana yojana

The Central Government has issued a Mother’s Greeting Plan for pregnant women. Those who wish to join the scheme can contact Asha activist or the nearest government hospital. Here’s the full details on this.

The central government has implemented many projects. Many projects are being implemented, from young children to senior citizens. These include special projects for women. It is noteworthy that a special scheme is available for pregnant women. This project is known as the Prime Minister’s Mother Greeting Plan. Already millions of women have benefited from this scheme.

Scheme Name Pradhan mantri matru vandana yojana
Plan implementers Central Government
Beneficiaries Women
The goal is the welfare of pregnant women and infants

₹ 5,000 for the beneficiary’s bank account: –

Beneficiaries will be given a sum of ₹ 5,000 under the central government’s Mother Salutation Scheme. The money is deposited directly into the beneficiary’s bank account. However, this money does not come all at once. The women’s bank account will be deposited in installments. The money will come in three installments in total.

Money in three installments:

The first installment for pregnant women under the Mother Vandana Scheme is Rs. Becomes Jame. 2 thousand under the second installment. Comes with The remaining 2 thousand rupees are jammed in the last episode. Thus the beneficiary women’s bank account has a total of Rs. Will become Jame.

Plans to expand for a second baby too!

The government has decided to grant the project even though women have a second child under the Prime Minister’s Mother Vandana Yojana (PMMVY). Pregnant women will be given ₹ 5000 under this scheme for their first child. Now the central government has changed the terms of the scheme and is now entitled to a subsidy for the second child’s pregnancy. Yes, but there is a stipulation that the second child should be a female. This rule will come into effect from April 1, 2022 through 2022.

How to join the project?

If you want to join the project, you can register online directly. Otherwise your Asha workers will enroll you in the project. You can go directly to the Scheme website through the link There will be a beneficiary login. You need to register and login.

Qualifications of the scheme: –

The Prime Minister must have certain qualifications to join the Mother’s Salutation Plan. Let Avento know.

This scheme applies to all pregnant women.

Money comes under the plan only for the first delivery.

This scheme has been implemented in all states

What are the necessary documents?

If you want to benefit under the plan. Last time the menstrual date (LMP) was required.

The MCP card must also be included.

You should ask these at your Asha worker.

These are the necessary documents to take advantage of the project.

Does this plan not apply to them?

It should be noted that the Mother Salutation Plan does not apply to some people. This scheme does not apply to the second concept. So no money is coming. This scheme does not apply to the employers of Central and State Government. That means women will not be able to join the project if they work in government.

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