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Do you know how much 'debt' the state government has?

Tell me who does the loan ..? It should be borne in mind that ghee should be eaten, even if all are borrowed. Similarly, our state government is not exempt from debt. Read on if you are curious to find out about the debt on state government.

Every government is not decreasing the amount of loans it can come up with. These governments are making thousands of crores of rupees every year. Just like that. Surprisingly, in the year 2022-23, the total debt of the state is 5 lakh 18 thousand 366 crore.

Governments have made huge loans in the last ten years, so debt is also on the rise. If this continues, the state’s debt burden is likely to reach Rs 6,660 to Rs 766 crore by 2024-25.

Loan information that the government does every year

SL No Year Loan
01 2010-2011 Rs.6,714 crore,
02 2011-2012 Rs.9,358 crore.
03 2012-2013 Rs.13,465 crore
04 2013-2014 Rs.17,287 Crore
05 2014-2015 Rs. 21,875 crore
06 2015-2016 Rs. 21,072 crore
07 2016-2017 Rs.31,156 crore.
08 2017-2018 Rs.35,122 Crore
09 2018-2019 Rs.41,914 crore
10 2019-2020 Rs.50,459 Crore
11 2020-2021 Rs.72,121 Crore

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