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Aadharsha Vivaha Yojana

To promote simple mass marriages in the state, there is a plan to hold a minimum of 25 weddings per annum in the form of 2 years deposit of Rs.


  • In such a case, the couple getting married in the name of the bride will deposit Rs.10,000 / – in 2 years fixed deposit.
  • Inter-caste marriages are allowed under this scheme and two incentives are given together.
  • Organizers of mass weddings will be given incentives of Rs.100 / – per pair
  • The age of marriage (at least age) should not have a husband or wife who are already married.
  • Registration of marriage is mandatory for incentive payments
  • Required certificates should be attached to each application, such as the positive and negative of the wedding image.
  • In one week after the marriage, the money will be given to the bride in a fixed deposit in the convenience of the bride in the name of the bride.

The enrollment details for this project are as follows.

  • Age Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • A list of married couples who have been confirmed by the organizer regarding a mass wedding
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