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Ganga Kalyana Scheme 2022

Ganga Kalyana Irrigation Scheme 2022: The Government of Karnataka State Government under D. Devera Raja Development Backward Classes Development Corporation has donated Rs. The petition invites eligible beneficiaries to provide lakhs of rupees of assistance. Interested candidates should know the following details.


Applicants belonging to Backward Classes Category I, 2A, 3A and 3B except Vishwakarma, Uppara, Ambiga, Savita, Madiwala, Tramp and Semi-nomadic community, Okkaliga, Lingayat, Kadokolla, Hathtigolla, Maratha and its sub communities.

Must have at least 2 acres, maximum 5 acres of land.

Annual income should not exceed 40 thousand.

How much will the subsidy be?
2.5 lakh per unit cost of the individual irrigation tube well, of which Rs.  Includes subsidy plus interest rate loan of Rs.50,000/ – per cent.

How to apply?
Interested application is to be received by D.Devaraja King from the office of District Manager of Backward Classes Development Corporation. For more information on the Ganga Welfare Project website:

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