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Do you know where to use your Aadhaar card?

Aadhaar Card History is used as a requirement and identification time. Today it is one of the most important and identity proofs. The question thus often arises in the minds of people is how often their Aadhaar is used for money-related activities.

However, there are times when a person can use an Aadhaar card in several places and cannot track it.

Aadhaar Card This is a concern. People should always check their Aadhaar Card history from time to time to avoid any mishap and fraud. Here’s how you can check your Aadhaar card history.

Verify your use of Aadhaar Card?

Step 1: Visit UIDAI’s official website

Step 2: Click on the homepage of the website. You click on My Aadhaar option

Step 3: Once you click My Aadhaar you will find the Aadhaar authentication history option.

Step 4: Now fill in your Aadhaar card number and then fill in the captcha

Step 5: Now you have to click on OTP Verification option

Step 6: Now you will receive OTP for your registered mobile number

Step 7: Now open the tab in front of you where you need to fill in the dates you want to see Aadhaar card history.

Step 8: Users can download Aadhaar history according to their own preferences.

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