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Kisan Credit Card

It is advisable that all farmers make a PM Kisan Credit Card. How to Apply and Make a PM Kisan Credit Card The central government has allocated Rs 2 lakh crore to give the Kisan card holders a queue.

The government also said that Kisan will issue credit cards to those in the fisheries and livestock industries. How can farmers get this card with enough benefits? That’s about complete information.

How to apply for Kisan Card ?:

  • Step 1- Visit your bank’s official website or visit your bank.
  • Step 2: Click on Loan option and search for ‘Apply for KCC’
  • Step 3- Fill out the form where it is available
  • Step 4: Then click on ‘submit’ button
  • Step 5- You get a number after subtotal.
  • Step 6: Save that number
  • What documents do Kisan Credit Cards need?

Fully filled form and your signature on it.
Copy of Aadhaar, PAN, Voting Card or Driving License
Documents are required to confirm the address. (Except Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, Vehicle License)
Land deed
Photo of two passport size

Benefits of Kisan Card:

Loan repayment is easy
Easily available for long-term loans
Contributing to the purchase of manure and sowing seeds
Low record and high profit

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