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Govt To increase farmers' retirement compensation in 48 hours

Karnataka Government has already deposited 18.02 lakhs of farmers ‘bank accounts into the Crap Damage and Farmers’ Account. Now, Farmer has revised and subsidized input subsidy to provide more financial support to farmers. The revised amount will be credited directly to the Farmers’ Bank Account within 48 hours.

The state government has stated in its note that the heavy rains of July, August, October and November 2021 were caused by flooding. This has resulted in enormous crop damage.

Input subsidy amounting to Rs.1252.89 crores is credited directly to the state bank account of 18.02 lakh farmers at the record-setting amount of input subsidy for crop damage at the rate set by the central government guidelines.

In the House of Commons session in December 2021, the Chief Minister announced the revision of the input subsidy amount to provide more financial assistance to crop damage farmers due to the reduction of the crop damage payment guidelines.

Already, 18.02 lakh farmers, who have been compensated, are ready to remit the additional amount of Rs 1135.49 crore to the state government’s bank account in the next 48 hours. The total subsidy payment of Rs 2388.39 crore for crop damage caused by the floods in the year 2021-22 will be Rs.

Heading- Govt To increase farmers’ retirement compensation in 48 hours
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