Is your crop debt? Here’s the information to see whether or not


There is no need to go to the bank any longer to check whether your crop is a loan or not. Information can be obtained at home and in the mobile phone. How do you think it’s possible?

Most farmers have not received any free letter from some banks so far. The government has launched a web site to look at farmers ‘crop loan waiver to inform everyone about the issue of farmers’ loan waiver. Here is all the information. But even the government website has a lot of farmers’ exception that they are not getting the right information on the loan due to technical difficulties. However, the debtman status can be known. Whether or not your loan is money, how much is the installment, and other information, including credit card status.

How to Check Farmer’s Crop Loan Waiver:-

Initially type in salamanna status in Google. Then click on link. Here you have to select either the Aadhaar number or the ration card number. If the Aadhaar number is selected, type the Aadhaar number in the box.

If you are having trouble opening the credit card status and link on Google Click on Directory to put your Aadhaar or Ration Card number and check status.

Your district, taluk, bank name, branch, name, account number, how much is a loan. Status looks like all the information.

Farmer’s Crop Loan Waiver statusCheck Here
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