Vacancies of ‘Guest Lecturer’ in Government First Class College


Government Degree College has invited applications for appointment of Guest Lecturer to Government Degree College for 2021-21.

Applications for these posts have started from today and the last date for filing applications is January 21st.

As informed in the press release, the Commissioner of the Department of College and Technical Education, P. Pradeep Kumar, has called for the appointment of a guest lecturer at various government first class colleges in the state on an honorary basis. Interested and eligible candidates can apply online through from Tuesday, January 17th and it will be the last day for filing the application.

Candidates have the option of selecting their preferred 10 government colleges. Those selected will be given the opportunity to work in these colleges as much as possible. If the candidate’s choice of colleges is not working 15 hours a week, it will only be offered at other colleges.

Preference will be given to those who have served as guest lecturers for a long time. Also, they are informed that a statewide merit list will be prepared according to various criteria, based on qualifications and service details.

Details of Qualifications and Scores

100 marks are assigned to the appointment of guest lecturers. Candidates will be given a maximum of 25 points, taking into account 15% of the total percentage of marks earned in the two years of the Master’s degree.

For the rest, PhD, NET / K-set / slate and M.Phil degrees are considered additional qualifications, with a maximum of 12, 9 and 6 marks respectively. In addition, 3 marks will be given for one year (maximum of 48 marks applicable for maximum 16 years) in the service of guest lecturers in Government First Class colleges only.

During this semester, only 1.5 marks will be awarded to the guest lecturer during one semester of the academic year. An additional 10 marks will be given to candidates with disabilities in the recruitment, he explained.

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